And Away We Go…

Hello everyone (or no one, I don’t know who is actually going to read this),

I figure it is time to show just how far behind the trends I am by joining the blogging world a few years past when it was actually cool and innovative.  Go me!  Actually, I am trying to get into the habit of writing everyday and I figured this was as good of a way as any.  And now I feel obligated to do so since I have just announced it to the internet.

Why, you may be asking yourself, am I trying to write everyday?  The answer is because I am writing a book (she says tentatively) and need to write as much as possible to make this dream of mine a reality.  I had a sort of epiphany last night while watching television.  There was a moment when one of the people on the show gets a call and it’s from a literary agent wanting to publish something she had written.  In that moment a voice in me said very clearly, I want that.  Now, I am not a very decisive person and I most definitely don’t make declarations of things that I want, so this voice was unique.  I have only heard it three times  in my life that I can recall, once when I first met my husband, once when I found out I was pregnant and again the first time I saw the house we now live in.  All three times the voice was right, I did want those things, and getting them has brought more fulfillment to my life than I could have imagined.  So it is time to listen to the voice again and to do what it takes to make this happen.

What, you might now be asking, will I be blogging about?  I don’t know, my life I guess.  Which seems so narcissistic now that I write it.  But what else would I write about, astrophysics?  My life (and thus this blog) consists of any of the following topics- the trials of parenting a two-year-old boy whose main source of entertainment is covering himself in  mud and jumping up and down, the joys of attending a university during the worst budgetary crisis of the last who-knows how many years, the art of housewifery, and multitudes of other exciting and intriguing topics.

Finally, let me say thank you to those of you who do take the time to read my musings.  Your support means the world to me and is something that I will never take for granted.  I hope that I don’t let you down.



11 thoughts on “And Away We Go…

  1. I’ve been telling myself to do the same forever. Write EVERY day. For now I’ll just read yours and maybe it’ll finally inspire me to start too 😉 yay Jamie!

  2. Hi, Jamie! I finally had a chance to look at this (what with the end of the semester, and Vegas, etc). I really like it! I think this is a great way to explore and grow your own unique literary voice. Good luck, and you know I will be looking forward to reading your work. 🙂

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