This is a sestina poem I wrote for my creative writing workshop this semester.  It ended up being a sort of lullaby for David that I wrote while I was in the midst of sleep deprivation.  I never shared it in class even though my teacher said it was “quite lovely” but I am sharing it here.  I was thinking of it today because I have a feeling we will be in for some sleepless nights soon.  We are switching David from his crib to a toddler bed and he does not do well with change.  Anyway, here is my poem.

P.S.  If you don’t know what a sestina is, google it.  They are really hard to write.  That makes this even more impressive (haha).


Quiet, he sleeps.
Soft breath
on pillow.  Hush.
Quiet, he dreams.
Sweet comfort
found at night

What hides at night
in shadowed sleep,
cannot defeat the comfort
found in baby’s breath.
Soothing dreams
silence fear.  Hush.

Hush now, hush.
As day meets night,
as your mind chases dreams.
Sacred sleep
welcomes a breath
releasing comfort

Chasing comfort
to no avail. Hush,
you racing breath
and revel in the night.
And oh how he sleeps!
while cradled in a dream.

Perpetual dreams
give solitary comfort.
But only sleep
ushers the hush.
Consumes the night.
We take a breath.

Take a breath
sweet baby and dream
your way through the night.
Seek comfort
in the peaceful hush
of a world that sleeps.

In the night, he sleeps.
He dreams now, hush.
Gentle breath brings eternal comfort.


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