The Days Ahead

I was all ready to write my blog last night and then I sat down.  David had just went down and I thought I would take a break and watch The Office with my husband for a minute. I remember laying there with my eyes feeling sleepy and then a voice in my head told me I should rest them for a minute.  I told the voice no because I had to get up and write my blog, but that voice is a tricky one.  It said not to worry, that I wasn’t going to go to sleep, I was just resting my eyes. That sounded reasonable enough, so I acquiesced and closed my eyes.  Next thing I know, Casey is shaking me and asking if I was going to come to bed or sleep on the couch all night.  Stupid voice!  I wiped the drool off my chin (he is so lucky to have married to such a sex kitten) and staggered into our room where I subsequently fell asleep without so much as brushing my teeth or changing my clothes.

I guess all the craziness of the holidays is finally catching up with me.  I spent the day running around with David finishing our last-minute shopping.  He was in a great mood which made things easier.  At Costco he made me laugh so hard I snorted.  We were passing the wine section when David got really excited and started pointing and yelling, “Pop-Pop! Pop-Pop!”  David seems to know where his Grandpa likes to go.  In checkout we had an awkward moment when David started squeezing the arm of the girl boxing up our stuff.  Well, it was more like he was kneading her arm fat like bread dough.  Ladies don’t usually like their squishy parts  treated like bread dough.   She looked at me and said, “Does he always squeeze people’s arms?” to which I replied, “it just means he likes you”.  I don’t think that was a comfort.

Tonight we are off to the zoo to see the Christmas light displays and tomorrow is Casey’s birthday.  I am in charge of the birthday dinner now and I am a little nervous.  I’m a pretty good cook, I’m not amazing but I can follow a recipe and make a decent meal.  I do get nervous when cooking for more than a couple of people though and this is my first time cooking for a big occasion.  Not that Casey or his family would ever complain even if things didn’t come out as intended (well, maybe Grandma would complain but that’s to be expected).  I’m just hoping that last night wasn’t a sign of things to come.

I had made dinner and when I set David’s plate down in front of him, he burst into tears and pushed it away.  Nothing shakes your culinary confidence like someone crying at the sight of the dinner you made them.  He proceeded to sob through dinner until I told him he could leave the table if he didn’t want to eat.  He then happily paraded around the table, jabbering to himself and making grand arm gestures which I’m sure translated into something like, “see evil woman, you cannot make me eat your disgusting pile of noodles!  And did you think you could trick me into thinking it was something different then the slop you fed me the night before by melting cheese on top?  I am not fooled by your edible trickery!  Now I will dance and sing my song of triumph!”

So wish me luck.  I will be attempting to make a turkey breast (!) which I have never done, along with stuffing and mashed potatoes and green beans.  Barb, my mother in law, is bringing cranberry sauce and apple pie, so if everything else fails we can just skip dinner and have desert.  This is the first test of my aptitude as a housewife.  I hope I pass!


3 thoughts on “The Days Ahead

  1. oh my word Jamie i laughed so hard when i inhaled it hurt my chest …so it is great to be able to read everything that happens have a merry christmas and happy birthday Casey:]
    love you guys, Kayla

  2. Austin points at Shasta cola at Winco and says Poppi (the name for my dad), since he always drinks it. And he’ll usually point at beer and say papa. They call it as they see it don’t they!

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