Freeze Frame

I wish I could stop time, freeze life in this moment, hold on to it forever and have everything stay just as it is.  I watch as he runs up the hill, the thick grass scratching the soles of his bare feet, in an endless pursuit to capture and then release the ball.  He laughs as gravity gets hold of the ball and pulls it down, the blue and green pattern becoming a blur as  momentum builds.  Suddenly, he turns his attention to the sky and to the thick white clouds he has just now noticed.  He points and looks, amazed by what he sees.  I look up too and what I see fills me with a new appreciation for the everyday wonders that are forgotten and dismissed in adulthood.  He points again and looks at me, waiting for me to explain the world.  “Cloud” I say and he laughs.  Is it the word or that such a thing exists that causes him such elation?

He laughs again as he throws his ball up the hill, running after it without hesitation.  The sound of his laugh touches   me, how it rings with the  delight only a child can express.  There is no doubt, no hesitation, no holding back.  His happiness bursts out of him, radiates from inside and blesses everything around him with its purity.  He knows nothing of the world except joy, comfort and wonder.  Life hasn’t left its mark on him yet, hasn’t sullied him with its disappointments and cruelty.  He knows nothing of these things.  He is innocent.

And so let me  stay here in this moment with him. This day will soon become memory, fade and disappear  as if it never happened.  So much happiness  forgotten and lost to time.  Let’s linger here in the waning sunlight and discover the world all over again.   The rest of life can wait, let’s linger here.