Me- By the Numbers

Pounds lost and gained in the last ten years: 310

minimum number of times I change my clothes per day: 4

Times per day I say, “David, get down!”: 47

Times per day I say “I love you”: 50

Years spent in college: 6

Degrees obtained: 0

Meals prepared per day: 7

Nights per week I fall asleep on the couch while watching television: 6

Minutes I am able to jog in a row: 25

Minutes spent per week examining  angry line between my eyes, trying to decide if it seems more prominent: 20

Times per day I ask my husband if he thinks I’m fat: 5

Times per day I make my husband sigh in frustration: 5 (at least)

Number of books I have started to read in the last two months: 9

Number of books I have completed reading in the last two months: 2

Minutes spent per night getting David to fall asleep: 180

Minutes it takes from the time David falls asleep before I start to miss him: 10

Episodes of  “The Office” watched per week: 17

Dollars earned writing: 51

Number of years as a registered Democrat: 12

Number of third-party candidates voted for: 3

Cities lived in: 3

Number of engagements: 2

New Years resolutions kept: 0

Number of pets I have had as an adult: 8

Hippie festivals attended: 2

Number of world records held: 1

Number of piercings I have had in my life (excluding ear lobes): 7

Times per day I feel older than I am: 15

Times per day I have to remind myself that I am not 16 anymore: 5

World's largest drum circle- Earthdance 2004. I'm in there somewhere.


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