Sentences I Never Said Before Having Kids

Motherhood forces you to explain the obvious, the absurd, and the disgusting on a daily basis.  Every so often you hear yourself utter a sentence that makes you stop and think, “Did I really just say that?”  For example:

-“If it stinks, stop sniffing it and go wash your hands.”

-“Please stop licking my sunglasses.”

-“I already told you, they don’t sell shrink-rays at Target.”

-“You can’t eat your ice cream until you finish your french fries.”

-“I’m sorry, but when your brother throws up on your shoes it’s time to leave the zoo.”

-“The mailman doesn’t want to see your wiener, please close your shades.”

What is your favorite parenting sentence?


Milestones, Training, and a New Goal

A post from my other blog,
losing It, where I talk about a cause very dear to my heart.

Losing It

Today, after finishing my first long run of my 10k training (more on that later) I looked down to check my mileage and I noticed something that had slipped my attention until that moment: I have run over 100 miles since starting this blog.  Pretty crazy to think that in a few short months I have logged enough miles to have run from San Diego to Disneyland.

It feels pretty momentous that I was able to do something so incredibly hard and to stick with it.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I’m a pretty big quitter, always have been.  It started when I was three and I quit preschool after being sent to time out for playing with a jack-in-the-box during nap time.  Then I quit ballet because I hated the sound of the word plié and the instructor’s choreography involved “tushy shakes” during the…

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